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Rolls-Royce chauffeur

Rolls-Royce chauffeur
There are some experiences that must never be ignored. Travelling in the Rolls Royce Phantom is one of those. Whether you love cars or not, a thing of beauty is a joy for everyone. And now you do not need to spend an arm, a leg and a bit more to take a ride on this majestic vehicle.

One of the most elegant cars from the Rolls Royce stable, the Rolls Royce Phantom is now part of the LTW fleet of luxury cars. In our desire to bring the best set of wheels for our discerning customers, we now house this stately car that has won not just critic’s accolades, but also proved to be an object of awe for any motor enthusiast.

The Phantom
This is the ultimate luxury car from the makers who defined the very concept. It meets the very basic criteria for any supercar – luxury, comfort, style, flexibility and safety – and takes them to another level. You first ride on the Phantom is to be soaked in and treasured. Allow the chauffeur (for who heard of a Rolls without a chauffeur?) to open your doors. Sit back and let its sheer luxury surround you.

This is a car that you must enjoy at every sensory level. The plush seats and the hushed up feeling of opulence has its own awe factor. Feel yourself sinking on to its luxurious leather seats, rest your feet on the lambswool rugs and feel the headlining in wool/cashmere blend. It also comes with a whole host of mod cons that is required for any supercar.

This is not just a motorcar. It is an experience.

The Chauffeur
Can you possibly have a Phantom without a chauffeur? This car was made for a chauffer. It has a button on the passenger seat that closes the passengers from the chauffeur ensuring complete privacy. Our chauffeurs understand this discretion and they are completely professional. You will have a smooth ride with a courteous service. Our chauffeurs also understand that they are an extension of your image. Hence, they are always flawlessly with impeccable manners. They are selected for their driving skills and experience.

Take a ride on this beautiful car that is often acknowledged as among the best in the world. Our experienced chauffeurs will make sure that this is ride you will treasure forever. Call us at + 44 207 328 9500.