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Mercedes chauffeur

Mercedes chauffeur
The Mercedes is without doubt one of the world’s most loved and desired car. Their cars are known for their superior engineering, style, elegance and safety. Our Mercedes chauffeurs have been chosen with the same care. They are experienced in driving this car and know its whims and fancies. You can choose from:

E-Class Mercedes : The E-Class Mercedes may not be as flashy as some its snazzier cousins, but it is no less preferred by our customers. It meets every criterion of a discerning client for quality, safety, style and reliability. We have both the facelift E-Class and its immediate predecessor. With its roomy interior, it combines both versatility and comfort. It can easily seat three with luggage.

V-Class Mercedes : If you need a bit more space go for the V-Class (Viano). This MUV is one of Mercedes most flexible and family-friendly cars. It can seat upto seven people along with luggage. Also known as the People’s Carrier, it is ideal for a family with its sliding doors and large rear tailgate that provide easy access to host of family possessions like snowboards, skis, pushchairs. In addition, the car is roomy enough for car seats and other little touches that a young family may need. It is also preferred by corporate for its roomy interior. The car can double up as an office on the move when required. In fact this is one of our most popular family cars.

S-Class Mercedes :The sophisticated cousin of the E-Class, the S-Class is much preferred for its elegance, versatility and high impact. It provides comfort and space. The car also has a much deserved reputation for safety. Smooth steering, handling and braking is backed by state of the art suspension system.

Maybach 62 : If even the above list is not enough for you, why not go for the ultimate in luxury and style – the Maybach 62. For those who want only the best the Maybach 62 offers style, comfort, safety and sheer indulgence. This is a car that will satisfy even the most stringent of client. It is preferred by corporate, VIP and those who want to celebrate something special.

In addition to their knowledge on Mercedes, our chauffeurs are also completely professional. They have extensive local knowledge and can take your wherever you need to go. To know more on our Mercedes chauffeur call us at + 44 207 328 9500.